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Forex software can help investors make wise decisions(1)

Forex software can help investors make wise decisions

One of the unique things about the forex market as opposed to markets like the New York Stock Exchange is that it runs 24 hours a day. The forex market covers the entire world, all 24 time zones, so no matter what time it is, currency trading is taking place.

Because of this, many traders have found it helpful to have forex software on their computers. These programs enable users to stay informed about the very latest prices and to buy and sell currencies 24 hours a day.

Forex software also helps the online firms that deal in retail forex trading. Without the software, customers would have to log on to the site to conduct their transactions. But with the software installed on their computers, customers can handle their buying and selling without having to log in and potential overload the company’s server.

Most retail forex companies offer some kind of software for their clients to use, and most programs are about the same. They give up-to-the-minute values of currencies, allow customers to make transactions, and provide for transferring balances. Essentially, this software lets you do the things you once had to do online without actually having to log in to a Web site.

There are also third-party companies that offer forex software, programs that aren’t pegged to a particular retail trader but that offer users a way of staying informed and conducting business. Many of these programs also give tutorials and practice runs, to help new investors learn the ropes before getting into the real thing. Such practice is extremely valuable, as forex trading is complicated and can be perilous to a first-time trader.

Another advantage of forex software is that many programs do analysis, too -- that is, they’ll look at the data over a specified period of time and identify trends and patterns. Have certain countries’ currencies been steadily declining lately? Does one currency habitually grow stronger at a particular time every year? Will the U.S. dollar be stronger or weaker right around the time of an election?

All of this data can aid you, the investor, in deciding which currencies to buy and sell. Nothing is certain in speculative markets like forex, because there are simply too many factors and variables that determine exchange rates from day to day. But forex software can help you make informed decisions, which is invaluable to an investor in a tumultuous marketplace.

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Jumbo Loans A different way to manage your mortgage

Jumbo Loans: A different way to manage your mortgage

Interest only jumbo loans are a unique concept for borrowing, whether for a house or another major purchase. A traditional loan requires that each and every month monies be paid toward interest and principal. Interest only jumbo loans require payment of interest each and every month, but payment of principal is optional.

Who can benefit from an interest only jumbo loan? One type of person who can benefit from interest only jumbo loans is a person who knows they will come into a substantial sum of money in a few years. Maybe you have a trust fund which states the monies will be free for use when you reach age 30, but at 24 you want to buy a home. Interest only jumbo loans are the perfect solution for you. The first years, you only make payments on the interest, but after your assets become available, you pay both interest and principal, or possibly choose to quickly pay off the principal.

Another group who can benefit from interest only jumbo loans is the family whose earning power is certain to grow over time. Interest only jumbo loans can allow purchases which provide for a comfortable lifestyle, putting off the larger principal payments until earning power has increased. A junior partner in a law firm might well feel that interest only jumbo loans would be the best option since they expect to greatly increase their income over the next years allowing repayment of the principal during the fatter years.

Interest only jumbo loans can be rather attractive in today’s uncertain economy. There is absolutely no penalty involved if a debtor skips payment of principal for one or more months and only pays the interest. This feature can certainly pay off during a period of unemployment or other financial stress. Unlike the conventional mortgage where you will find yourself getting phone calls threatening foreclosure, the flexible interest only jumbo loan will allow you to survive periods of tight budget without this additional stress.

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